Reprinted from the Shopper's Weekly, Centralia, Illinois 62801, Vol. 29 No. 15, Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The Tim Beaty Story - A Life Well Lived

Tim Beaty Memorial Trust
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by Cathy Stuehmeier

I haven't the words to express enough heartfelt sympathy to the family of Timothy "Tim" Scott Beaty of Carbondale, Illinois, formerly of Centralia. Tim was the son of Don Beaty and Kittie McMillan. He is survived by both parents along with wife Jessica Beaty and son Jacob as well as sisters Jennifer and Erin. He is also survived by numerous aunts, uncles, cousins, stepbrothers and stepsisters.

We at the Shoppers Weekly wish we could do more for lifelong friend Don Beaty and his family, but what we can do is set the record straight and tell the real story of a very brave young man, 41 years old, that gave his life protecting two Southern Illinois University (SIU) female students.

Timothy "Tim" Scott Beaty's life was tragically taken at 4:20 a.m. The original story was that Tim died from a stray bullet while asleep in his bed. The Carbondale police were alerted to the incident by an individual that found shell casings near the intersection of West Walnut and South Beveridge Streets in Carbondale that lead to the discovery of Beaty's body early Easter Sunday morning, March 27.

But then the truth came out about Tim's final moments (in someone else's words) that is nearly beyond comprehension. Tim had died as he had lived. He was not only compassionate but fearless in his desire to help others, as he had demonstrated his entire life. It wasn't long before the truth began spreading, refuting the original story of a stray bullet that allegedly struck Tim in his bed while sleeping, which wasn't true! The truth was Tim had opened his apartment door to two young, female SIU students seeking shelter after fleeing the neighboring house party once shots were fired. Beaty was killed while protecting them and shielding them with his own body.

When friend and fellow musician Andrew Staff heard the truth he said, "That was just Tim being Tim."

So where does this leave grieving family and friends? They now know the truth, but they already knew their son, husband, father, family member, friend, and giving community member. They know he was always doing something for someone. He danced to his own drum, literally. He was a hero to many and a superhero to all humanity.

Tim's final moments of bravery and selflessness didn't surprise anyone; it was the way he lived.

At this time there have been three arrests made in this tragic event, and one arrest is pending. Three of the suspects are from St. Louis, MO. The fourth suspect, who is from Carbondale, is still being sought.

So in the end, the question remains: Why? I haven't the answer. I don't think anyone does. But I do know there is something we can all do in honor of Timothy "Tim" Scott Beaty's memory, and that's to help his five-year-old son Jacob whose very own welfare has been put in jeopardy by his father's untimely and horrific, violent death.

There has been a trust fund set up at People sNational Bank. You can contribute to: Tim Beaty's Memorial Trust, c/o Peoples National Bank, 901 West Broadway, Centralia IL 62801. Donations can be made in person at any branch of Peoples National Bank. An online donation is active at

This is is the best way we can say to Tim as he said to so many, "I've got your back." Tim, we have Jacob's back!

Tim Beaty Memorial Trust Tim Beaty Memorial Trust